Friday, August 14, 2009

Where the hell is Mpumulanga

Well here I am in Trichardt, Mpumulanga constructing a new Coal Mine for Sasol Secunda -this is the equivalent of being banished to the salt mines in Soviet Russia,
Accomodation is expensive and it is like being in the wild west - the town of Trichardt would have been quite nice in the 60's but it now consists of bottle stores, pubs and indian bubby shops!! The main street consists of 2nd hand Car Sales emporiums mostly owned by The Indian Mafia.
Strangely enough, I counted six Men's hairdressers (I am not too sure how that works)... still there is lots of open spaces and farms to ride MTB around and it is closer to the Blyde river Canyon, Kruger National Park, Sodwala Caves and all the game Lodges...
I will have to spend a lot more time on the bike here as The Virgin Active Gyms have cancelled my membership due to lack of attendance - albeit the nearest VA Gym is in Middleburg.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Cycle race this weekend - and Next

Well, Time has moved on since we registered for the 35 Km Argus /Pick n Pay Mountain Bike challenge this Sunday and the 114 Cycle Tour next Sunday..
Question is - how much training is in order not to suffer!! in my case never enough. Kyle my 16 year old son will be able to complete both in a reasonable time, but will I??

Welcome to my blog

Well this is my first attempt to publish my nown Blog and hopefully it will entertain an educate my readers in some way,

So bear with me and stay tuned..

Peter Basson